Book Review : The Warrior by Ty Patterson (Warrior series, #1)


Book : The Warrior (Warrior series, #1)

Author: Ty Patterson

Plot: Zeb, an ex special force is sent on a freelance assignment to Africa where he becomes witness to some of the barbaric and brutal human actions by a force called Rouge six.while three of them gets handled skilfully or rather too skilled by Zeb, the other three fleds from their death by zeb’s hand but Zeb is not known for his mercy skills and now back in US, he is at his best predator skills to find the rest of the rouge six to send them to their rightful grave.

Rating: 4.5 /5


Way to go, The warrior

Huge thanks to the author for sharing the copy of “The Warrior” with me and I can honestly say that it was pure fun reading this book. If you have noticed or haven’t noticed the book’s sales line tells that , “The warrior” is for all those who is a jack reacher fan and that particular line stuck with me because to sell a book to me you just have to say the magic word “jack reacher” and I m naturally when I read that the character is going to satiate the thriller and action bones as good as jack reacher thriller , I was up for the game and went on to finish the book in one go without leaving my eyes and mind and partly also because the book was not a bulky one

Lets talk about the book

I m guessing that this is the first book from the author so for a first time writer he has definitely shown a great deal of craftsmanship as the plot is good, engaging and addictive for what I can say from my experience. The author has tried to maintain secrecy around the central character, Zeb which is at times irritating because you cannot get close to this character but at the same time, it is like a mystique aura that keeps building the anticipation to know what and how the central character is going to react next which helps a lot in improving your interest in the plot. You practically get detailed insights into all characters except Zeb whose life and persona continues to be a mystery throughout.

For the sake of being pedantic, I would  say that the book do have a slight problem with the language as in my opinion there is an extended use of colloquial language than the written language which is kind of new for me. But once the story springs open to its full glory you kind of get engrossed in it. Loved the action sequences but sadly I missed a bit of knuckle buster scenes because most of the time it ended up being weapon fights but interestingly was good and descriptive enough for me to be satisfied of having picked a good book.

There were two points in the book that I was laughing so hard, making me appreciate that the author has brought in some old fashion street jokes and sprung unexpectedly that it entertains you amidst the fast paced story. Which brings me to yet another point that the book is fast and I mean really really fast. It does not hover around much on a point and quickly jumps through scenes and this could be good for some like me but for others it may not be that good.

I can understand that this is his first work and maybe that’s is why it kind of lacks a smooth flow and proper setting of a particular scene but still the work is praise worthy and is a good fun ride through and through and you have to appreciate the efforts and the output that has come out beautiful from a first time writer.

On a much personal note: wow the end was like a huge slap… I kept turning pages after pages thinking that this will turn up to be something else. it will change and flip but it did not …I know this may sound cryptic to those who have not read the book, but for those who have read the book will understand my dilemma with the end as I was totally not expecting that …talk about cliff hanger… in this case he just pushed me over the cliff.. (Hey not complaining by the way….or maybe I m)

I just realized that I have used the word “first time writer” like a million times in this review

The book has a brilliant plot and is extremely fast paced and before you know it you will be inside the plot like watching everything happening right in front of you. While reading it, it will be rewarding if you can keep an open mind and being less pedantic and nitpicker, proving to be a good entertaining read.