Book Review: Never Go Back (jack Reacher #18) by Lee Child

Never-Go-Back Lee-Child

Book: Never Go Back (Jack Reacher #18)

Author : Lee child

Plot : Reacher is in Washington this time to meet Susan Turner but things go downhill as he steps into the office that once used to be his place. There is a 16 year old case file that is threatening to send him for a solid time in prison. But why was the case peeping out after 16 years and that too at the exact time when he lands back in his old office?

Rating : 5/5 (because i am a jack Reacher fan)


Never go wrong with a Jack Reacher thriller

I am a diehard fan of the series and probably one of those crazy ones who given a chance would totally bribe, threaten or kidnap the author and make him write and narrate a jack reacher story every day to me. The cover of the book had a tagline which said that according to statics, a jack reacher novel is brought every four second in the world while I do not know the authenticity of this argument I definitely feel that it is true because I for one can never turn my back on a jack reacher novel.

Lee child undoubtedly is one of those authors who gives a perfect thriller with high dose of adrenaline, testosterone for the male readers and enough masculinity and plot for the female readers and maybe that’s the reason that Jack reacher finds himself fans with both the gender

The concept of one man army walking without anything to tie him down and nothing to scare him makes one hell of a character to let go and the factors that contribute to the success of this character is his, confidence which technically touch upon the level of arrogance and over confidence yet is one of the best reading experience you can bargain for.

This book too comes with the usual jack Reacher-isms and a well narrated and weaved together plot.  The fact also remains that I could be a bit biased because of my liking for the series but truth is that if you love a bit of action and thriller is your genre then you must give jack reacher series a try

Best part of the book is that you can survive the book reading as a standalone too since the main plot is always fresh with each book.