Movie Review : Make Your Move

Romeo and Juliet set in dancing world

Movie: Make Your Move

Starring : 
Korean pop singer BoA and ballroom dancer Derek Hough

Plot: Its re narrating Romeo and Juliet through the world of dance (don’t worry it is not musical..more like step up)

Rating: 3/5


Let me start by saying this that I had never heard about this movie before and it was pure coincidental and through the divine intervention of internet browsing that I bumped into it. Followed by watching the trailer and impressed by the dance moves shown, I decided to watch the movie “make your move” or in words “Romeo and Juliet in step up”

Those who loved step up, street dance and all other dance movies would surely love this because, yes the movie has a lot of dance moves that will make your jaw drop but is that enough to make you watch the movie….hmmm… totally depends on your patience level

The movie story is totally romeo and Juliet (if you have missed my hints in the above two paragraphs) having kids from two rivaling clans falling for each other and surviving through the hatreds and rivalry but sadly the movie does not explore much on the romance quotient which I guess is acceptable considering that this is in whole a dance movie.

The good points is definitely the music and dance routines and having professional dancer (Derek hough) and musician (BOA) for lead characters do actually make it better but can they pull off a story other than dance routines….sadly ..for me…no..

There is no plot to the movie per say and whatever story is there kind off runs like a marathon and too fast for you to actually cope up…the movie pretty much follows a strict regime which is 5 min story 15 min dance routine and this follows throughout the movie but nevertheless I loved it for being a sweet chick flick and most of all for the dance routines. Its fine unless you are expecting a through and through entertainer

The movie has no plot and whatever plot is actually taken from the usual Disney movies and threaded together to narrate an obvious story. You will predict everything from the moment the titles starts showing up but the movie has some real good dance sequences that kind of is worth the pain