Book Review : Blood Sucking Fiends by Christopher Moore



Book : Blood Sucking Fiends

Author: Christopher Moore

Plot: Jody has got the “bite” and now she has turned into a vampire . Tommy, an aspiring writer wanted an adventure, to start his creative mind working..oh and a gorgeous girl with a house to move in too…so he gets his wish..a gorgeous girl with whom he moves in except that she is a vampire with blood fetish and in need of an errand boy and so starts a beautiful relationship between vampire and the mortal except this is not twilight.

Rating: 3/5


Can you see me laughing…of course you can’t

Okay the single reason, I picked up this book was because everybody was saying how good of a humorous ride it was and that how they find it hard to stop giggling and laughing. once I started reading it, I got confused as to whether this was the same book these people were talking about as nothing was making sense and except that i picked up a book thinking to be funny but was not, nothing seemed to be funny .Then I thought perhaps i am not adult enough to understand the humor and so i decided to give it a bit time and I guess that turned out to be a good decision as the book started slowly but eventually cracking me up in between with simple unsuspecting funny lines and circumstances and especially with its share of goofy characters.

But there is this weird thing going around in the book where people are popping in between with their own stories and there is no break from one scene to other and this majorly happens from the second part of the book. I was constantly thinking ” are we on the same scene or have we been taken to another in middle of this one?”

The book is not a laugh riot through and through but certain scenes, dialogues and situations do crack you up. It’s a funny take on the whole concept of vampirism and having a vampire for girlfriend with lightly touched upon humor for my taste. End or the last part of the book was kind of hilarious or maybe it was just me being happy about the fact that the book was finally coming to an end (oops my bad πŸ˜‰ )

If you are looking for a book that should make you laugh and tickle your humor bones from start to end then look away because this is not the place for you. But if you want to read something light unintentionally funny then yes you could pick up this one but don’t expect through and through laugh riot, because it is not.