Book Review: Strange Angels by Lilli St. Crow



Book: Strange Angels

Author: Lilli St. Crow

Plot: Dru Anderson only has her father left in this whole world to be claimed as a family but now he is missing and suddenly she is midst of all supernatural creatures set on to kill her and she does not know the reason or the person to seek help from and the only person with her right now is her classmates who is equally clueless and frightened and alone as much as she is.

Rating: 3/5


Strangely there were no angels

How was the book?

Honestly I don’t know. At some point I liked it. Sometimes I hated it and sometimes I felt like I was not trying enough to like the book. Weird.  Right? I mean you never should actually try to like a book. It should be an instant connection.

The book vaguely resembles a plot that was “not so common” and did not go on to become a “mass phenomenon” or a movie franchise that raked in “truck load of moolas”. In fact the movie and book was so “not popular” that I can’t even remember the name…. something with “t “… having something to do with a vampire…… a werewolf …oh yeah right “twilight”. 😉 (I think that will be enough for spoilers).

The book starts amidst confusion for me with so many jargons and tools of trade being discussed without actually setting a proper base and then as it gradually moves further there are new developments which are no doubt an edge of the seat thriller.

The problem I faced with the book is that while the plot and the developments were good enough to make it interesting, there was something that shouted incompleteness for me. It’s like 50% there and 50% not but nevertheless the whole book is fast paced, has some really twisted turns keeping it spicy.

The book is kind of a well cooked dish that has gone one ingredient missing, important enough to make this a fabulous dish. So while the book in itself is a good read, there is something in it that is missing to make you totally fall in love with it, either too much description of irrelevant details and omission of relevant ones, or too much jargons and supernatural creatures

Oh by the way I m still confused as to why it is called strange angels when there are no angels, or was it symbolical.. ?? …AH! Never mind… I’m out of here.