Book review : Fae Fever (fever #3)



Book: Fae Fever

Author: Karen Marie Moning

Plot : Mackayla Kane is coping with the fact that the only one who stands between unseelie taking over our world is perhaps her but she does not know where to look for help or who to trust and moreover her vengeance is calling her to avenge her sister’s murder

Rating: 4/5


The character Jericho Barrons single handedly Uplifts this book

Frankly everybody around me was raving about the fever series so much that curiosity hit me and I wanted to know what the deal was and so started with dream fever, the first in the series and it did started out quite interesting with good loads of thrills and a fresh plot and for me a new world of fae. But then as the book progressed I was constantly irritated with the character of mackayla kane and all her pink clouds and that kind of overshadowed the goodness of the book. I tried it again in Blood fever the second book only to find that the whole pink and girl shrieks has taken over the second book too but constantly seeing how every other reader was in praise of the series, I kind of felt left out and the odd one out there, so I decided once again to go for the third book, fae fever

This time I was prepared to be attacked by one of the worst female characters I have ever read. And somehow I taught my mind to overlook the character and the whole girly traits and the pink unicorns farting pink shit to actually enjoy the story and it worked. Yes mackalya still annoys me with her pink lipsticks and manicure details and the dilemma of not getting a proper spa treatment but this time the book just came out a whole lot more interesting, gripping and one hell of a read all thanks to the character of Jericho Barrons. Blame it maybe on my less developed estrogens but i hated the pink and girly obsession of mackayla but somehow fae fever fired up my interest and i have finally fallen for the series. Call it, my inability to cope with a character that is reflective of a Barbie doll and pink bride that is usually associated with our gender, I could not stand mackayala kane but on the other hand Jericho barrons and v’lane is a whole different story

The character of Jericho Barrons makes one of the most astonishing and impressive entrances and you literally hold on to your seats when he pops in the story and that is what exactly he does, popping when least expected and just plays with your mind. He is a well toned (physically too )and no bull shit kind of character which I liked and thought was what made the book a good read for me.

I love how the author has mentioned everything from the last two books on short and crisp form for anybody picking it fresh or trying this series after a long time like in my case. It was like fae fever was a whole new book with a fresh start. The end was a major cliffhanger there and can’t find out what happens next.

Had not been for the two strong male characters, Jericho Barrons and V’lane and a fresh concept, I would have thrown this book away for the pink worshipping, girl shrieks filled female character that boils my blood the most, but I will say that the third book is by far the best in the series and fortunately starts with and A-Z explanation of the previous two books to get you back in the game.




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