Book Review: EarthFall by Mark Walden


Book: Earthfall

Author: Mark walden

Plot: The earth as we know has come to an end and is now taken over by an alien mothership leaving  only few of the children left to survive and win against the invasion of their land.

Rating: 3/5


Earth indeed did fall for me after reading it

I start reading the book and think to myself that the book seems too easy and simple to read but then again seemed interesting enough to hang on to couple of more chapters but somehow I felt weird and found out that the book is actually a kid’s book… and I thought here comes one book which is equivalent to my brain pace only to be slapped and shouting at me that I have a brain of a 7year old and that’s why the book was easy and relatable to me.

The book for me started creating an interest in its first couple of chapters and just when I think that this will definitely go down as my favorite book of all time in spite of the fact that this is a young reader’s book, I bump into the middle of the book and everything went crazy from there.

Till the middle, things seemed to be going easy, smooth, interesting and fight for existence sort of deal and then comes where the actual story starts and I am taken immediately to this whole alien world and I mean literally alien world with too much Martian and science incorporated that my brain started dilapidating at a fast pace. From the middle it was all star trek and star wars and naturally not being fan of aliens and green guys poking our brains or battling galactic wars, the book kept giving me headaches and stop making any sense after some time

The ending is what bothers me, it was too fast and vague and I m still trying to find somebody who can explain as to what happened there. I m under the influence of all the painkillers, I have taken completing the book because I have just realized that I can’t even make sense out of a book that is meant for kids and here I m crossing borders of adult hood…. Damn I need a drink…I think I just saw my brain waving goodbye to me

The book starts with a small but decent pace but by the middle it just goes into full star wars mode and things stops making any sense after that and after completing the book I still feel like going back and reading the book again not because it was that good but just to know what happened there at the end.