Tv Review: Golden Boy

Series: Golden Boy

Channel : CBS

Plot: The series tells the story of Walter Clark Jr and his climb from being a rookie cop to the youngest Police commissioner within the span of seven years by revisiting his past and career

Rating : 4/5

Golden Boy is indeed golden

Its a pity that when I have discovered a pretty decent series, it has already found its end. Meaning that the drama was cancelled after its initial run of 13 episodes on may 14 2013

If you are anything like me then the whole reason why I started with the show is because of THEO JAMES. I was not even aware that he had a major show to himself, let alone he playing a badass cop in it. Well technically half of bad ass comes from my imagination but nevertheless the man is one whole bundle of fun worth enough to make me watch the show.

The very reason I tried the series in the first place was the prospect of seeing Theo’s face spread on the screen and the opportunity to ogle at him for an hour. The series delivered that to me in a silver platter as not only was he prevalent in every scene as a stark beauty (if you think he looked hot in divergent, girls you have to see him in this series) but his acting and combined with the script, the show kind of started growing on me.

Keeping the girly emotions under control what is good about the series is the plot. Each episode brings forward a new scenario but an underlying base story keeps running parallel, narrating how a rookie cop managed to become police commissioner within the span of seven years by revisiting events from his past. Theo is good and so is his chemistry with Chi McBride who plays the role of his partner. Do not expect the series like to be anything on the line of CSI since it is more of a drama than investigate series. One thing I noticed about Theo apart from his hotness is that he is kind of fidgety and restless .He is like this tuning fork that is constantly in motion. Everything from his face to hands to even his eyes seems to be busy and constantly in action (watch at least one episode and you will notice what I mean)

It’s a bit serious and dark but is a series good enough for the girls to swoon over a younger Theo James and boys to enjoy a bit of cop action added with brotherhood relationship, the good bad and ugliness of the police world.


After completing season 1

i don’t know why but this series never got the flag for season 2. Maybe its because the main star got scouted for a big movie project (Divergent) anyways the season ended with lots of things in air and because of which it is like being left halfway.