Movie review: Divergent


Movie: Divergent

Plot: Based on the Popular book by Veronica Roth by the same name, The movie tells the story of a dystopian world where all human are categorized into five different groups : Dauntless (the brave ones) , erudite (the intelligent ones), candour (the true and frank ones), amity (the cheery ones) and abnegation (the selfless ones). But trouble emerges when a group of people arises called Divergent which fit to neither of these societal prototypes.

Rating: 4.5/5



Even before I went to watch the movie I knew that I would fall for Theo James, the actor playing the role of “Four” aka Tobias Eaton in the movie. To me he was exactly like what I pictured “Four” to be. The physique and the character personality matched and was delivered aptly by Theo. So now I can say that both the character of “Four” and the actor who played it was the best takeaway from Divergent I got. While Theo was a pleasant surprise, Shailene woodley was a bit shocker because she was opposite to the physical attributes mentioned in the book for “tris” or “Beatrice Prior”. While the book describes Tris as a petite and girl like figure almost camouflaged in a crowd, in movie the character came out hefty and physically “there” meaning she would be the first person you would observe in a room contrary to the character description in book. (Well chances are that I m being too pedantic but it was what I first observed). But ironically Shailene brings the best out of the character “Beatrice” while the book lacks in a proper formation of the character (according to me).

Let’s talk about the movie

The movie will appeal and make more sense to all those who have read the book as the movie makes perfect justification to the book by following it line by line and event by event to the extent that it is possible for a movie adapted from book. But as a fresh audience I m doubtful as to how much would it makes sense even though the movie do explain the concept of faction and the formation and basis of faction.

If you look at an action fantasy movie you will appreciate it much more as the movie has made sure to incorporate some of the best possible thrills and pace possible. It keeps the movie interesting and going. Theo’s combat skills is amazing and one of the place that it comes perfectly is where Shailene and theo fights each other (in the climax scene) and you would notice that he is fast and bang on with the stunts and so is shailene. Not to forget Kate winslet in her role as a baddie giving it all out with an excellent performance.

Being a fan of Divergent I loved the movie and it will remain a favorite for me and by now you have realized that I have fallen for Theo James [flamed even more by the fact that the guy can sing…and damn good of a singer plus that British accent……yup…scrumptious….oh did I mention that he is age wise perfect ….yup 30 years old 😉 ]

The movie Follows too close with the book and proves an interesting watch provided you are an avid fan of divergent but it may be less fun for those who are not aware of the novel and the concept but even though you could watch it for a good fantasy movie with some amazing performance.

Final Verdict


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