Book Review: The Chosen One by Sam Bourne



Book : The Chosen One

Author : Sam Bourne

Plot : A President who has just sworn into his office and even before he gets comfortable in his new seat, a threat to him and his presidency emerges and all he could do is bring in the best reliable person he could trust to save his presidency and find the person who wants to tumble him down.

Rating : 3.5/5


It’s a Sam Bourne with less charm

The book made me realize why I love Sam Bourne as an author and why I can go for his works blindly at any given day. The book has a good plot and the usual research and intrigue of a Sam Bourne novel but even though not disappointing, I would not say it is his best work.

The Book has the characters of his previous novel, The Last testament being continued on and though it does not hamper your experience as a first time reader, reading the last testament (which is a complete plot and scenario and a complete book in itself) would help you understand the main character Maggie Costello and her background and her relationship with Uri, a character that shows his presence in rare glimpse in the story. Though the book has a whole independent character and you would enjoy the plot and the flow of the book enough to overcome this vague character background and relationship hint from the previous book.

The book has a good basic plot that is good enough to make your time but I would still say I was not impressed with this one as much as the last testament or Final Reckoning. I thought that certain points or instances were diversion from main topics but ultimately witnessed it creating a major flow in the story and helping it move forward. There are intricate plots working for the main story and sometimes too intricate to hold your concentration power.

Pick up the book if you love a good political thriller or simply a well narrated thriller. The central character Maggie Costello is a continuation from one of his previous book, The Last testament and while it would help to read that book first, The chosen one can be read as a standalone as well