Book Review : Days of Blood and Starlights (Daughter of Smoke & Bone #2)


Book: Days of Blood and Starlight (Daughter of Smoke & Bone #2)

Author: Laini Taylor

Plot : The book picks after Karou leaves Akiva to find her family and emerges as the new face of Chimera war

Rating : 2/5

A disastrous turn

The first book Daughter of smoke and Bone was a work when it came to its language but then the plot and the way that book left an impact made it to one of my favorite books and I had expected Days of Blood and Starlight to build up the same stand but it turned out to be a pure disappointment.

When Reading Daughter of Smoke and Bones I realized that the author’s writing style is a bit different and you need to open yourself up to it to enjoy but while the first book supported it with a good plot the second book dragged and dragged that I suspect that I may have actually slept through half of it.

It feels like there are two languages at work here. One is the normal tone that conveys you the incidents and basic conversations but then there is another language that makes you pull out your hair and makes it actually difficult to read. The author uses a poetic language to describe feelings, environment and all other irrelevant stuff and which is in fact too decorated and adorned that it does not make sense at times and makes it difficult to focus, at least in my case. The plot is good but this time it is not strong enough to pull you through the entire book.

Apart from the language the other dilemma is of course the jargon; the creatures and all the mythical lands used in the book. It seems like you need a separate glossary just to understand the various technical terms and the monsters and the clans described because half of the times you are in a blur as to what and when and where . There are places where there are introduction of new characters and a parallel story running that even at the long run does not make any sense or relation to what goes in the story. While first book did not throttle you fully with the whole mythical world, second book actually crushed you with different clans of monsters and angels thrown in without proper description and language. On reading this book, it never felt that I have ever actually read the first book.

The book, had been narrated with proper and easy language, would have been a joy but unfortunately this book fails at language and made worse by the fact that there are too much monsters and creatures and jargon without any proper description and introduction that the book stop making sense after certain times. Plot though is still good. But somebody needs to tell it in a simple and plain method to me