Movie review: The Raid


Movie: The Raid

Plot : A team of cops gets ready to take upon one of the most powerful and deathly missions of all time, To take down a notorious criminal by raiding the fortress known to be the graveyard of many cops that have come on missions like this.

Rating : 5/5

The Raid truly Raids your heart

In the wake of the release of its sequel I decided that I will finally watch the much talked about first part of this Indonesian movie venture never knowing that it will go on to become one of my favorite movies and finding it so exhilarating and thrilling that I go on to have such a strong hangover of the movie in my head for days to come.

The raid had been in talks ever since it released in 2012 and like with major hyped movies, I thought to not bother but then when they finally went on to release a second part, I thought the time had never been better to test it and hence I sat down with a little expectation and apprehension. By the end of the movie I was still drenched with adrenaline and shock proving that this is how watching a movie should feel like.

The movie is not for the weak hearts but at the same time is also not too gory as the Saw movies.

Let us discuss why this movie appealed to me in spite of being in an alien language and watching with subtitles. Well for starters it is one of those movies where action speaks louder than words. Secondly the action is so richly choreographed and natural that my Goosebumps have still not settled. I love how the actions are not limited to guns but was extended to lots of fists flying and my oh my don’t even let me start with the knife parts. So BLOODY good and that is the reason why I said before that it is not for the weak hearts because of violent actions being involved, which to me was some of the best scenes.

The movie has a lot of combat skills and at the same time also put forward the vulnerability of common man who gets caught up in a really messy situation. It is natural yet spiced enough to give you the best action movie experience.

The movie will change your perception of action movies and the meaning to the words like Kick-ass. The movie experiments with one of the most well co ordinate actions involving gun fights, knife and combats. It is pure adrenaline rush and is one of the best action movies I have ever see.