Book review: Kill Shot (Mitch Rapp #3) by Vince Flynn



Book : Kill Shot (Mitch rapp #3)

Author : Vince Flynn

Rating : 3/5

Plot : An assassin without fear or consciousness now finds himself at the end of betrayal and he will make sure the ones who betrayed  pays for what they did.


A  Plot that branches out to many directions

I like the flow and the nature of the book and no doubt it can come up to become a great spy thriller provided that the bit of flaws that are prevalent can be worked on. The narration is definitely gripping and entertaining but the fact remains that there are so many characters in the book that you keep getting confused and returning back to the previous pages to find out who the character was.

The book starts promisingly and you start slipping yourself into the story but as the story progress the author keeps adding more and more characters and before you know, you can’t even remember the main character’s name because you have so many characters revolving and remembering who and what keeps becoming a tedious job and to add to the fury, each character comes with a minimum two pages of description and history.

The book deviate a lot and this deviation takes you away from the main plot but fortunately the author do keep you hooked to his narration that you keep reading it and no matter how many characters he throws at you. There are at least three stories that run parallel to the main plot and all three converges at the very last page and because of this it do keeps tugging on to your attention nerves but sometimes it also kind of gets monotonous with so much detailing and personal backgrounds. The central character definitely carves a place inside your mind and makes you to actually hold on to the series.

The book branches out a lot and have too many characters with too detailed personal backgrounds as well but somehow the plot and narration is good enough to make you like the book.