Book Review: Champion by Marie Lu (Legend#3)



Book: Champion

Author: Marie Lu

Plot: Third and the final installment shows us the extend to which humans can go to protect their loved ones and their land that once they hated



Powerful end to a powerful series

Believing that Champion is the last in the Legend Series, I would say that the last book, Champion was a force to reckon with. The book throws a volley of events at you that make you take notice. While the first book in The series, Legend, focused on the characteristics and the world of the main characters, Day and June, the second book worked on the relationship between these two and those who have read the second book, Prodigy, will be aware of the fact that the book kind of left us at a drastic note and even though not exactly a cliff hanger, it still left us curious and the champion, the third and the final book in series pick it up from there and settles all our queries, inhibitions and takes us through one of the most happening and powerful events in the Legend Series.

Champion even though still touch upon the relationship between the central characters, it is not the main focus and that is the reason why it impressed me with not getting cheesy and redundant with all the romantic angles instead it’s the people, the dystopian world and the survival instincts of the human race that takes the foreplay and because of which the book keeps you on your toes and that too without any dull moment.

For me the best part of the book was the last page and I don’t want to spoil the fun by elaborating it but once you will read the book you will understand why exactly is the last page a marker than the whole book. You have to go through the flow of the book to evoke the necessary perception that is required to feel the impact of the last page and especially the last two lines… I loved the ending and to some including me, it may sound a bit too movie stuff or cheesy but once inside the book, you somehow want that and love it.

The book and the author stands out for the reason that the characters are the best cooked ones you will ever get in a book. Normally the characters start as a completely different person and by the end suffers from multiple personality disorder and you don’t even remember who the character is exactly and that is why Legend had the best served characters ever. Both the characters June and Day stick to their persona in spite of being into each other and not changing at all. In fact you could read the very first page of Legend and the last page of champion and you will find the behavior and characters true to their role in spite of going through three books. The flow of the book and the series is such that you feel you never left Legend. You are instantly taken back to where you left in the previous book and that is something of a talent

The book flows beautifully from the last book, prodigy and takes you through a whole new level of excitement and does not linger too much with emotional quotient or romantic quotients and in fact it is fast paced and has lot to keep you hooked to it. The series is one of the best series I have read. Each book is worth and better than the previous one.