Book Review: Young Love Murder by April Brookshire



Book : Young Love Murder

Author: April Brookshire

Plot : A cold blooded assassin is sent on a mission that would evoke feelings that she never thought was part of her, threatening the  mission and everything in line

Rating : 2/5


Book is painfully long


The Book is freakishly long and is absolutely without a purpose. To begin with let me tell you that the tag line is completely misleading. The plot seemed interesting and amazingly lucrative to let go and that is the reason why I decided to read it in the first place and the book even starts with a bang and I was getting all excited and ready for an amazing read only to watch the book slipping downhill after the very first chapter itself.


After a superbly “on target” start the book went on to become cliché with the overcooked story of an assassin with no apparent emotion suddenly getting that one dreaded job which will make the assassin fall in love (wow !! what a fantastic out of box thinking). Book starts serving you with the usual dialogues and twists and turns making you yawn and retch at the same time. Some of the jokes are so flat and lame that you can’t believe yourselves that they are actually being used in this book.


Leave behind the fact that the book has a predictable plot and lame jokes, what annoys you most is the undefined characters of the book. Neither the female lead Annabelle who is supposed to be an assassin comes off true to her character and nor does the male character Gabriel. Everybody else in the book seems to have a well constructed character except for the main two.


You read the book thinking your female character to be strong and hard hearted for cheap stuff like high school considering the fact that she is a tough and ruthless assassin good at her job …but… BHAM!! You are hit by a whining teenager crying over boys…and then there is your male character who is supposed to be a jerk and player so you accept some bad ass traits and dialogues from his mouth …but wait…he is more whining and feminine than any chick literature heroines combined proved by the fact that he opens his mouth to discuss….hold your breath…..moisturizer… freaking moisturizer!!!…what are you? … A  Girl??… And you call yourself..Playboy….yeah I’ m pretty sure Hugh Heffner is discussing the new moisturizer in the market with his girls in his playboy mansion…   hold on there is moreThe boy is at home and is talking to his mother and he hugs his mother, realizing that he owes it to her because she pushed out a 9 pound baby out…YEW!!!i m a girl and even I don’t think or appreciate like that and let alone that picture coming into my mind every time I see my mom. YEW!!! CreepyThank you author for painting that mental picture of my mom for me… and then there is the sex scene and middle of which the so called Bad boy comes up with a word that literally made me fall of my chair.. Reverence?  During sex? who says that and who feels that….


The bad boy Gabriel has to be the most feminine characters I have ever read…    


What is with the obsession of all new young adult authors to hook up girls with boys who are jerks or players and adding the wishful thinking of a kind mellow (sometimes a little too mellow) under the bad boy cover…it is like a bad fever that is catching up and honestly this wishful thinking of how a male should be by all these female characters is getting a bit tiring and irritating and taking the point and realism out of the whole plot


Just when you are toiling with the tendency to stab someone or yourself over reading this book, something happens and makes you want to stick around and then only to watch it hit the iceberg again but then it picks up and makes you wonder whether you are still reading the same book that has been dragging so long because the book practically halts in between the ramblings and whining that is going inside the character’s head


I would have to admit that there are parts of book that are really funny intentionally but then there are parts which is funny because of the stupidity as well.


The book is a whole mess that goes so lengthy that you want to give up on the fourth chapter itself but then comes up with something interesting that you stick around only to be dragged with unnecessary mumblings  and then at the end come up with something that was totally unexpected …


The book is painfully long making you irate with so much beating around the bush that the story actually can be understood by reading the last chapter. The characters are so undefined that you wonder what was the point of the whole book.