Book review: The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

: The Phantom of the Opera

Author: Gaston Leroux

Plot: The Paris Opera House has a haunting patron to it, A ghost, A phantom,who seems to be in the nightmares of every single person working and residing the place but when a rising star in form of Christine emerges, nobody realizes how far the Phantom would go to persuade a reluctant Christine to be his wife and even if it means unrequited love. The story follows the tragic yet heart touching story of Phantom who hides in the darkeners of the the gaudy Opera House.

Rating: 2.5/5


Talk to me simple and I will listen

Crucify me or criticize me for my choice but truth is that I don’t care for how you judge me when I shamelessly say that I did not like the book. I know that “Phantom of the Opera” is a classic book but for the same reason that I did not like any of the reading courses that was part of my school, I did not enjoy Phantom. The book was an equal work as to reading a physics chapter for the exam.

I am a reader of the modern breed who likes to read books that are plain and simple and to the point and maybe that is the reason why I like Stephanie meyer than Maggie stiefvater and those who are aware of both their works will understand how different is the writing styles of both these authors. I enjoy book that hook me on to it with simplicity and not with adorned words and poetic enhancements.

For me, you got to talk straight like for instance if you say “let the pale and fragile toes of yours touch the barren lands and sprout up the joyous twigs in my heart” and I will be like ….what the effing are you talking about? But at the same time if you rephrase it and tell me “get your feet down and start walking” then I will probably understand and appreciate what you are saying.

Leaving apart my inability towards the language of the book, the book basically follows investigative and cumulative research style in its narration and it is through the evidences found or through the hearsay of many characters that the story moves forward and that is why I was kind of not happy with it because it sort of broke the flow and kept it less appealing for me. The best part of the book undoubtedly is the last couple of chapters where secrets are revealed bit by bit and yes it is tragic and my heart goes out for the phantom…..LOOK I M WEEPING… Oops SORRY!! WAS JUST DUST IN MY EYES

The narration technique is a bit lengthy and boring and more on the verge of technical writing assimilating and deducing what happened based on the facts and for me took out the soul of such a beautiful heart touching story….Book will appeal to you if you like classics