Book Review: Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

0812 Pushing The Limits FINAL


Book: Pushing the Limits

Author: Katie McGarry

Plot: Echo Emerson knows that something bad happened that day but she cannot remember as to what happened and she knows is that whatever happened was bad enough to leave huge sets of scars all over her body making her hide from everybody dragging her from being the most popular to the weird one. Noah is a druggie and bad boy everybody stays away from but Echo has only him to rely upon to uncover the mysteries behind her scars not knowing that Noah himself is tormented with his sets of troubles

Rating: 3.5/5


Rides on the same story line…Bad Boy vs Good Girl

The book for me did not deliver anything much more than what I have read in books from similar genre. I understand that there is a whole bunch of people who are in love with the Pushing the Limit series but somehow for me it was just a repetition of what i have read in couple of another books. Either it is me who clearly had overdone reading this genre or the basic plot of the book itself that made me not connect with the book.

The book has got multiple point of view narration and as usual for me the male point of view was a bit scratchy at the start but then the progress was good and a clear distinguish between the female character, Echo and male character Noah’s narration started to emerge. The story is sort of the usual tried and tested formula adopted by the New Adult Genre.

Bad boy and Good Girl with Issues….. Check

Joined by the divine intervention of High school Project….. Check

Fell in Love…… Check

Fell apart….. Check

Get together… Check

Problems Solved… Happy ending…. Check..Check

The book starts with the usual tactic of boy and girl joined together by the power vested by High school projects and what starts as snarky comebacks and hate culminates into a love that will burn bridges to help each other ….blah blah

What I liked in the book is the fact that the author just like any other author has portrayed our female character as sharp tongued and witty and unlike her counterparts, Katie Mcgarry has maintained that till the end but unfortunately our male protagonist gets through a character makeover by the end of the book and he cannot be the bad boy that brought us to him in the first place.

The book is good for a one time read but it kind of rides on the same basic structure that is seen in most of the new young adult books. Even though there is a bit of element at the end of the story, the basic structure of the book is same