Book Review : My name is Rapunzel by K.C. Hilton

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Book : My name is Rapunzel

Author: K.C. Hilton

Plot: This book takes on a new version on the classic fairy tale of Rapunzel and shows the life that she is entitled to now being held in a castle with a witch that changed her life forever

Rating : 2/5


Rapunzel in a denim skirt and playing solitaire 

 As you start the book it is like you have been hit with a wave of grief and you instantly go into a sad mode. There is an onset of gloominess as you start reading the book. Well of course the topic itself is a bit sad but the treatment and the whole nature is depressing and gloomy as well.

I feel that the book had a lot of potential if it was treated differently….or maybe not…perhaps the fairy tale version is much better. As of now this book is a chaos running over 300 pages.

First of all there is no actual plot to the book and if at all anything happens in the book, it does so in the last couple of pages. So you will perhaps now ask me as to what then goes in rest of the book …right?…well …practically nothing…. You open the book, read the prologue and then you buckle up your seat belt hoping for a good ride but then after the first chapter you realize it is not going to be that fun as expected and you move across further chapters and suddenly you feel like you are reading the same thing over and over again. Around thirty to forty chapters that has Rapunzel saying that “I have no life, I will live forever and there is nothing to look forward for”……fine , I get it…but stop bombarding me with this grief page after page making me suicidal with all these depressing thoughts. Even if you overlook this fact, then you cannot get over the truth that the book has practically nowhere to go with a plot that was weekend at the start itself.

The whole story shows the life of Rapunzel who is immortal and lives a confined life in a tower and in reality the readers are also trapped along with her because there is nothing to read, or enjoy or look forward to and the book merely goes down as a fictional essay on how the times got changed…when was plumbing discovered, when did computer came into our lives and things just gets more and more boring and creepier like for instance rapunzel spending her day reading fashion magazine and playing solitaire (What the Hell…man !!) The book is lumpy and there is no smooth flow to the story it starts somewhere good, breaks midway and start with something different. It is like blocks of diary entries. In spite of all these I was really moved and touched by the father –daughter relation that was depicted in the book and felt it was captured beautifully but the same can’t be said about the romantic angle.

 The book starts with a great potential but drops down drastically and keeps dragging and dragging so much that the reader feel  a need to jumping off the cliff with this book and then suddenly at the last two pages everything wraps up quick and haphazardly like a movie set that is running low on finance.