Book Review: The Drowning by Rachel Ward


Book: The Drowning

Author: Rachel Ward

Plot: Carl wakes up to realize that he has come back from dead but at the same time he knows his brother is dead but apart from that he does not know who he is and where did he came from and the reason why the girl found along with screams and acts terrified of him

Rating: 3.5/5


Tragically not engaging

I loved the whole nature and plot of the story and no doubt that this has the potential of getting made into a superb movie because it has all the essential thrills and spice needed for a movie but sadly when it comes to the book, it is a different story altogether because as much as it is good with the language and story, somewhere around something just keeps tugging you and shouting in your head that it could have been better.

The book starts in oblivion because that’s what the plot is all about as to how a boy woke to the fact that his brother is dead and he has literally come back from dead but apart from that he does not know anything and that’s how the story proceed by finding the plot through the character’s eyes. Though the story moves at a considerable pace, there are times when it is just paddling in still waters and then suddenly things start growing and moving forward only to be dropped dead at the next moment and that is why I guess the book did not charm its way fully for me.

It’s not that the book is bad, it is moderate and will give you a fun read but only if you do not approach it with too much expectations. The thrills are a bit on the negligible side brought up and served in a very blanched fashion and that may lead you to be not impressed with the book much

The book can definitely turn into a good movie if it ever gets converted but as of now the book is like an irregular heartbeat, sometimes going up with interesting turns and then coming down at the next turn