Book Review : Divergent by Veronica Roth

Divergent UK


Book: Divergent

Author: Veronica Roth

Plot: Set In a Dystopian world , Divergent tells the survival of a world where each human are expected to adhere to any of the five faction that they are selected for but what if you are different and does not quite sit right with the rules and the faction set out for you and becomes a divergent challenging the existing form of ordinance.

Rating: 5/5


It’s Addictive

I never thought that I would fall for this book so bad that I move on to watch the trailer of the Divergent movie on reruns. The book is a phenomenon that is no doubt grabbing everybody as it spreads worldwide and now I shamelessly admit that I too have become an avid fan of the book

The reason why the book is so popular is the fact that the book has got one of the most intriguing and powerful narration that I have ever come across. It just immerses you in the story so strongly that you do not even realize that you have almost finished a 500 page paperback in a go. Well I did not exactly finish it in a go but every time I was awake and sleeping, the book and the characters kept lingering in my mind. Ironically when you start the book, you are confused about the basic structure of the dystopian world that the story is set in and it is only as the story progress that the things become clear and even then it is not still without its part haziness but fortunately the story and the rest of the flow is so captivating that you get more interested in the characters and the circumstances they are facing.

While I m in awe of the book there are still certain points that did not sit well with me. To begin with the whole concept of faction and their basic nature, even though touched upon briefly, is not fully enough to understand about them. Next comes the Female character “Beatrice” who seems to be dwindling between various characteristic traits as even after completing the book I am still not sure as to how to define the female lead as if on some pages, she comes as strong and powerful, on other pages, she is this week, meek and subdued and then there are pages where she comes off as a bit too strong and cruel.

For me the whole book scored because of the character of “Four”, the male character. I love how with here and there emergence of his character the book just goes to a whole new level. The character of “four” is one of the best in the book

The book is an absolute thrill ride that never dips in narration or thrills and keeps on hooked to it and making it the national phenomenon that it is…Absolutely brilliant