Book Review: ME ‘n’ HER by Rikky Bhatia


Book : Me ‘n’ Her

Author : Rikky Bhatia

Plot: Bot meet girl…Fell in love…broke up… met again…fell in love …again….. THE END

Rating: 1/5

Review : 

Clearly Editor dozed off on the editing table leading me to doze off reading this book

First of all I would appreciate the author extending an offer to leave a review of his book after reading it and let me just clarify here that usually when the author says this he makes sure that I have a copy send to me but here I went and bought a copy all by myself so which means I m under no obligation to be nice so following is my honest views and I m not going to bother whether it’s going to tarnish or rip somebody’s effort because  if it means that the author can use these rants of mine to perhaps come up with much more evolved work then why not…so here goes my rants aka review.

The book clearly never saw the face of a good editor or proofreader otherwise it would not had so many grammatical errors in it to begin with and if you ignore that then there is the most annoying fact that the language used in the book is an actual slap to other writers because clearly nobody helped the author in telling him that there is a difference of language used in writing a book and writing a letter or message to friend or a facebook update. I literally was in shock with the kind of colloquial that passed as the language of the book. Then there is the annoying usage of the word “YAAR”. I started counting the word from the first page but when it crossed the three digit limit I puked and puked until I got over it.

The language or the narration has no smooth flow in it and it is gruesome when the author just stops in the middle of a particular event to explain irrelevant stuff wasting half of book and patience of the reader. I am happy to learn that you went to a restaurant but I m not thrilled to know what you ate there, what dress the serving staff wore at the place and what is the place famous for. So many unnecessary events and description diverting from the main point made me jump out of the window along with book but I resisted the urge because somehow there was this urge to know ..what next.

This book is not a movie script so naturally the in between interference of the so called “shayaris” was a big bump to my ego and patience and in fact I was so pissed by the onslaught of these lines and shayaris wasting the precious pages and paper  that I nearly hit my colleague in frustration. And bollywood song lyrics do not pass as a shayari and also not something I want to see in a book

To quote my friend “try deciding the language you want to use in the book because Hinglish is not a language and should not hamper the reader’s intelligence by using half of writing in hindi and other half in English. There is an ongoing abuse of punctuation, the whole Bold, italic sentences throughout the book. I am not a chimpanzee who needs picture to read a book so stop the image abuse as well.

 The story is predictable but bearable but what is annoying and killing is the language of the book and whole lot of other factors that I managed to write a whole essay on it