Book Review: The Reunion Lie


Book: The Reunion Lie

Author: Lucy King

Plot: To get back at her bullies, she grabs and declares the first man to enter the pub as her fiance on her reunion night, not knowing who the man is or that he is the most eligible bachelor of the country but what she does not know is what her impulsive decision will end in

Rating: 1/5


Diabetic Story

Somewhere around in the review of a previous book, I had written that it was sugary enough to get me diabetic but it was nothing compared to this book because this could actually replace the sugar in my tea. You have to be superbly emotionally gullible to like this book since for me the whole dialogues and the reactions of the characters were too unnatural far from reality but then if you like the movie version of romance then probably you will be in awe of this book.

To begin with I would admit that the plot of the book was amazing but sadly the whole scripting out of this plot was where it lacked. Let’s begin with the language which to me had no smooth flow in it and the author just like me has a habit of using long sentences which never manages to stop and in the meanwhile makes the reader forget where exactly the sentence started. In my opinion it would have been better if the language was refrained to smaller sentences with simpler words and narration because as of now the language is all coiled up going around one thing over and over and there like she is trying to force her point into our brain.

Frankly at every dialogue and turn in the book I was gasping for air because I felt as if I was being choked up with all the inside puking I was going through while reading it.

a) I hate forced romance that is filled with dialogues that are way too sugar coated and does not come without sounding cheesy

b) There are so many pages filled with internal thought process of the characters that you forget what the whole book is all about

c) Too many impractical and unrealistic surroundings, dialogues and character behavior that feels like these characters suffer from dual personality because they start off as somebody else and at the end of the book are completely different

For argument sake let’s say that if we keep it real then the book would not be fun to read ….Really? ….have you read Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mcguire or Easy by Tammara Webber…. What makes these books good and popular is the fact that we could visualize something of that sort happening and it does not go overboard.

To prove my point let me quote with some examples from the book itself

Scene 1: A stranger comes and kisses you

Your natural reaction: probably spitting out a sentence that would start with the “F” word and end with another “f” if at all you haven’t slapped the person or called the cops.

Book’s reaction: ‘innocence doesn’t suit someone who looks like a sexy fallen angel’

Scene 2: A stranger comes over and starts narrating you the problems in her life

Your natural reaction: a fake sympathetic expression while thinking “she is definitely crazy and what is the number of the nearest mental institute” or “will she notice or follow me if I start running now?”

Book’s reaction: “he had an unexpected urge to haul her back into his arms tell her everything was going to be all right.”

Perhaps I may be the only one to find these as weird reactions but to me the book was not good enough maybe also due to the fact that I do not prefer “mills & Boons” styled book.

But then why did I pick this book? I do not know…maybe I was feeling creative …so I have learnt my lesson

This book is a story of the night when both the character’s common sense and logic had deserted them and honestly mine as well when I decided to read it.