Book Review: Easy by Tammara Webber ( Contours of the Heart #1)


Book: Easy ( Contours of the Heart #1)

Author : Tammara Webber

Plot :  Jacqueline escapes a rape attempt by a fellow student all thanks to a stranger whom she has never seen before and after the incident, all she sees is him , whether its in her class or her usual coffee joint. Why has she never seen the guy before if he was always there in her class all the time ?

Rating : 5/5


Absolutely Beautiful, Fantastic and Brilliant

This is definitely going to be my favorite books of all time. One of those books which you can give it to me anytime, anywhere and at anyplace and I will go completely crazy over it just like twilight. Tammara Webber is definitely going to be one of my favorite authors from now onwards. The book just as its name is easy and light and absolutely brilliant and gave one of the best reads of my reading spree. The book was so good that I pulled an all nighter reading this book.

The beauty of the book is in its narration and its flow. The author does not force you with romance and sparks between the characters but keeps it simple and realistic and definitely different and refreshing from all other similar book which go on to add sugar coated scenes and dialogues like “I skipped a heartbeat” or “your first glance filled me with tremors” or “my body longed for you kind of stuff”. In fact whatever happens all through the book is actually a swift and smooth flow and is something that is practically possible and it is this realistic scenes and plot that lures you to the book which is only enhanced with an amazing and easy narration.

I love how the characters are simple and not larger than life and is shown with full vulnerabilities that we happen to be born with and even the relationship that develops between the characters are simple and natural and not at all your movie version. I love how the dialogues even the romantic ones are natural and not the poetic and overly sweet ones that are seen in other book that makes you throw up sometimes with sugar overload. The author has used some of the best and natural wits which are good for its innocent humor.

The book is absolutely fun with beautiful characters, natural romance without the extra sugary treatment and the characters are plot move at extremely delightful speed and interest.