Book Review : The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo


Book: The Ghost Bride

Author: Yangsze Choo

Plot : Li Lan realizes that to save her bankrupt family, the only option is to be a ghost bride a deceased heir of a wealthy family but her heart is already set out for the living heir of the family and what follows is the tug of war between the forceful love from the deceased heir that haunts her dreams and the love of the living heir that she refuses to leave.

Rating : 3/5


A pretty interesting plot that is played comparatively slow

The book and its plot are both interesting but definitely lacks from a stimulating pace and sometimes you feel that in spite of so much being happening in the book, there is no evident peak point or break point as the whole narration and book sort of runs on a steady pace and can be impressive or less alluring depending upon your taste of book but being a fan of paranormal and thriller books, this book came across as a slow paced book for me.

The book is divided into four parts and while the introductory or the first chapter is still interesting and moves smoothly the second chapter sort of drags a bit and continues to do so in the third chapter but just when you seem to not notice, something amazing happens towards the end of the third chapter but then if you think that the book goes on to become interesting from there then yes it kind of does and lots of questions get answered in the final chapter but still maintain a steady pace and the end, even though you can predict was something of the incomplete  sort  and felt that something was still left out of the ending but anyways at the end of the book you will realize a great irony to the whole book.

The plot is definitely impressive but the pace is not, at least for me and just as it is with any cultural background books, there are points when certain words and custom descriptions, cannot be fully comprehended being not accustomed to it but even though it is definitely a good insight and fun to know about these different cultural gems. The characters are impressive and relatable yet certain characters lack from detailing but at the same time kind, do create a mysterious aura to these characters.

The plot is interesting but for me the whole pace of the book was a little slow but if you sit through the book you will find it , sort of good