Book Review : Sweet Home by Tillie Cole


Book: Sweet Home

Author: Tillie Cole

Plot: He is a popular Quarter Back worshiped by his fans but at the same time is also known for his brashness. she is an out an out geek with books as her world. Two meet up.sparks flew only to be complicated by the fact that the boy is a rich heir while the girl is an orphan brought up in foster homes around England. What unfolds is the saga of love standing the test of times and family.

Rating: 3/5


Full Blown Movie Romance 

This will perhaps be the only book where I have actually taken notes so that I can rant and praise simultaneously without missing out on anything. The book is nothing but as quoted by the book itself, a typical love story of two star-crossed lovers with so much cliché that my eyes started burning after a while. But even after saying that I would still say that the author is amazing, have a serious writing skill in her hand but unfortunately this book did not work out for me. It only reminded me of similar books I have read and I strongly felt traces of Penelope Douglas’s Bully and most importantly Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful disaster in its dialogues and plot and if had not read that before maybe I would have liked sweet home much more …hmmm…maybe not ….on second thought the book is too much sweet and sugary that I think I might have got diabetic just from reading it.

The book starts with a good opening and quickly slides into typical and cliché scenes and dialogues and feels like being picked straight out of a movie and I was kind of surprised as how the author quickly cultivates romance just after two “barely there” meetings of the main characters… and then she would leave heavy details out for everything else (which Is good actually) except for the lovemaking/sex parts where the author actually dedicates three to four pages with description and that too every time they do it (seriously !!! I get it that they have sex..A lot A lot A lot…but do I need its details every time… HELL No )

If you look closely it feels like the author has kept a check sheet for writing a romantic novel and developed the entire plot around it

Bad boy with issues   … check

Good girl with issues …. Check

Love on first sight…… check

Bitchy ex- girl friend…..check

“You are a drug to me “phase …. Check

Major issue leading to departing of two …check

“Stay away from me” phase ….. Check

Issue cleared…things get back together and

“I m sorry …I was wrong… I will never leave you again” phase…. Check

Happy ending…. Check

Novel ends… romantic die-hards fell for it instantly…check

Write the next book from the male character’s perspective…. Check

There are so many other cliché scenes and dialogues that I want to add to the check list but it will turn out to be a big spoiler.

The book is straight out of a movie romance that is coated with so much sugar and cliché that the book may not be the best read but then if you are a romance addict then hop on as it is waiting for you to read it and let me warn you have a lot of unwanted explicit chapters.