Book Review : Whisper by Phoebe Kitanidis


Book : Whisper

Author : Phoebe Kitanidis

Plot: A teenager who has the gift of hearing people’s thoughts suddenly find herself opening to a whole new powers and whispers after her birthdays and amidst these her sister goes missing, now tagging along with her personal confusions and demons, she has to search for her sister as well.

Rating : 2/5

Genre: Paranormal


It’s there and it’s not there 

It is sad to see that something with so much potential and interest picking up from a wrong note and going downhill from there. The book has a really good theme and had a bit more effort been put into its development this would have been one heck of a read. Technically I cannot beat my mind as to where exactly it started messing up but certain areas in the book did show that there was lack of effort.

The first page of the book is something that will make you sit down and take notice and no doubt it raises your expectation but then you proceed further to four to five chapters and you have no idea where this book is going as all you could feel is that you are reading a diary of a teenager who keeps ranting about the usual stuffs that high schooled do on a daily basis for living but why that should cover half of the book is beyond my understanding. Fortunately in spite of all the ranting, the book do keep a fast pace so before you die of lack of anything substantial coming your way, you get bombarded with an unexpected change and then before you know, the book ends with a cliché ending where everything wraps up nicely.

The problem with the book, I felt was that the narration is all over the place and the author tends to go out of path with unrelated descriptions sometimes. The starting chapters are filled with forced jokes not helping anywhere with the narration. The characters except for “icka” do not seemed to be worked upon and sadly that included our main character as well because I clearly felt that the main character “joy” was a work in progress.

The book lacks a smooth flow of events and narration and succumbs to the after effect of a good theme badly treated