Book review: The winter People by Jennifer McMahon


Book: The winter People

Author: Jennifer McMahon

rating: 4/5

Plot: The following lines from the book itself can best describe the whole plot

The story of a little girl who died. 
Whose mother loved her too much to let her go. 
So she brought her back. 
The world she came back to wasn’t the same. 
She wasn’t the same…..


Dark, Melancholic and haunting

I m not sure as to how to define my experience reading this book as at one end I was finding it really disturbing and uncomfortable with the whole horror nature of the plot, but on the other end I was also finding it hard to put down, wanting to know how it is going to end.

The book in my opinion is not something that can be explained but have to be experienced but I would only recommend this book, if horror and spooky stories is your thing. For me the book was exactly like watching conjuring except that I was reading it. The author is amazing in shaking the readers with the intense characters and the whole flow of the story.

The book starts with no head and tail and with lots of characters roaming around with no evident reason or connection but as you progress through the book, the picture starts getting clear and clearer and leads you to a point where you simply can’t put down the book because you are now curious as to what happened and what is going to happen and before you realize, the hairs on your back are giving a standing ovation to the creepy plot.

The book is  to and fro narration from an incident that happened way back in 1908 and finding its trails in present day and the whole plot dwindles through the eyes and narration of three to four women characters and once you realize and analyze the whole plot, you will appreciate the intricate work that binds the whole plot.

This book is not for everybody as its creepy, dark and spooky and every other adjective that will imply that it is a horror  but at the same time once you end up reading it you will be in awe of the plot and the author. It is definitely not an easy read and requires an effort or a taste for horror genre