Book review : Banished by Sophie LittleField


Book: Banished

Author: Sophie Littlefield

Plot : A girl who have been an outcast her entire life and leading a life filled with unanswered questions and unappreciated love suddenly finds her life getting complicated and going into a completely different direction after her aunt step into her life.

Rating : 5/5


Short crisp and intriguing 

The book is perfect with a great plot that does not leave its grip over you till its last page and keeps going at a shocking pace with a nice narration and strong spread of characters. It will be one of those rare books where each turn brings in with it a new twist or development.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part will end up making you confused as to what is happening in the story and with the characters and to make it even more hard, the author plays with you with each new development and twists, making you confused and at the same time totally hooked to it, to know the answers to your questions that keeps on increasing as you read. Ironically even though it is poking on your brain, you still want to keep reading because the narration makes sure not to leave your interest amidst all these confusions and before you know you reach the second part where you start getting the whole picture and answers to you now pricking questions and you realize that the story is going somewhere different than you thought it would be leading. Things start getting clear and interesting and getting further intensified in the final chapter. By the time you are finished with the book, you not only have answers to your questions, you have read and experienced a completely different world of young adult fantasy

I loved the book for its unique plot, the oncoming twists and turns that do not allow you to keep the book down. Beautiful narration with a nicely laced plot filled with thrills and emotions and a thorough entertainer