Book Review: Legend by Marie Lu



Book: Legend

Author: Marie Lu

Plot : Set in a dystopian world its the story of two individuals who tries to fight against a ruthless system

Rating : 5/5


simple yet powerful 

Now i understand why people are going mad over this series because the book is simple, pure and absolutely fun to read. The beauty of the book to me was that in spite being set in a dystopian world the book does not complex things with too much description of the post apocalyptic world rather the book is focused totally on the characters and the plot and the book would have survived nicely even if it was not set in a dystopian world.

The language is so simple and plain that at times, i wondered whether i m reading a children’s book but then the plot takes you on a high and keeps you there and that is what i liked about the book for being simple and got emotions, fantasy, thriller, romance and yet everything is served in such good proportions that the book will be an amazing experience. It would not be surprising if one would sit and finish the book in a single turn.

The book has got everything in it from a good plot to well carved characters that maintain their strength as the story progress and you will instantly feel for all these characters and the chemistry between the main two characters are interesting but the author has made sure that the book does not end up being just that and then there is the whole mystery element that spices up the whole story.

A light book which at the same time brings forward a lot of interesting plot development and character sketches. Easy enough to finish it in a go , the book also gives you something to take back as well