Book Review: Still Fooling Them by Billy Crystal


Book: Still fooling them

Author: Billy Crystal

Genre: Memoir

Rating: 4/5


A good and funny insight into the life of Billy Crystal 

If you have loved him in his movies and Oscars then you will love to read the book which is his journey and picking up the pace in a world that is running at jet speed. For me the book was a nice and interesting insight into the man, that is Billy Crystal and along with a whole lot of laughs and tears.

The book is what you call cover to cover and when I say that what I mean is that the book starts with a whole lot of laughs and ends with laugh. You won’t stop giggling as you proceed, till the point the book starts its actual journey and things get serious there on but then how can you expect everything to be funny when what being told is actual events of one’s life. I want to say that the book gets a bit tedious in between but then I realize that this is not a work of fiction and its somebody’s life we are talking about and he can’t spice it up or try incorporate vampires, werewolves to make it interesting and that is the reason I will say that while reading the book you will feel like the person is right in front of you and narrating it to you in all the theatrics that we have seen Billy crystal with. Yes it starts with big laughs move on to become serious and serious and then eventually concludes with another round of laughs and giving a good note

The book has all the narration and theatrics that is very well associated with Billy crystal and just as expected from a good nature comedian like himself, he has narrated the story of his life with a whole lot of laugh and a bit of tears in between.