Book Review: Walking Disaster by Jamie Mcguire


Book: Walking Disaster

Author: Jamie Mcguire

Plot: If you have read Beautiful Disaster, then this is the same plot except written from Travis’s , the male protagonist’s view point and in case if you have not read Beautiful Disaster, then the book is a classic tale of two opposite extreme characters coming together to form a beautiful tale of love.

Rating: 3.5/5


Perhaps this was the only book that i approached with apprehension and it has complied to all of my apprehensions perfectly. In spite of the fact that i knew very well that the whole aura and masculinity of the male character will be drained downed the pipeline, when a female tries to write a story from male of Point of view, when the original female version had set the par so high,i took up the challenge to re create the experience that beautiful disaster had done for me but sadly it did not.

Either i had too much expectations or a completely different idea as to how the real Travis was because this book did not impress me at all.While i read beautiful disaster, it never left me that Travis was this raw, fierce and above all a good fighter and boxer but while reading walking disaster, which is supposed to be all about Travis, i never felt that this was the same Travis who i had my full heart on from the first book and the whole personality developed for Travis in beautiful disaster was clearly missing in walking disaster in fact there was not even a single fight described in it.And there were times, when i felt that this was all abby and not Travis. There was way too much justifications for Travis ‘s behavior and that was what took away all the goodness of his character. If he beats the hell out of somebody, i don’t want the next line to be his weeping over why he beat that somebody and how he can’t afford to see somebody in pain…oh Please! leave that for the girls of the book. what i love to see and read is that he beat somebody because there was a solid reason or just felt like it.End of Discussion and do not want any justification. MAN UP !!

i would give it to the author for being witty because even though compared to beautiful disaster, walking did not had so many of witty lines, but the one there were, was enough to leave a mark.

The introduction of our beloved bad boy and strong character Travis ,suffers from wishful thinking of a female author, clearly ripping him off all the strong and bad behaviors that we loved about him but eventually we kind of get used to it. THE BOOK HAS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EPILOGUE I HAVE EVER READ IN A BOOK. it was like a whole new story enough to leave a very good impression to cover up whatever was messed by the other part of the book. I would prefer Beautiful Disaster over this.