Book Review: The Shadow Throne by Aroon Raman


Book: The Shadow Throne

Author : Aroon Raman

Plot: A race against time to prevent nuclear Armageddon…

Rating: 5/5


A breath holding thriller

First of all a huge thanks to the author for lending me a copy to read and review and for the fact that he helped me discover a new author, giving me a very good read. The book has installed in me a new confidence for the indian authors.

I had read treasure of Kafur from the same author which i believe is his second book but interestingly i found the styles of both these books quite different while both are equally good in narration and plot, The shadow throne is on a completely different level with genius plot and research and on top of that the book is engaging, fast paced and exactly what i would have expected from a Dan Brown book, except that this was written by Aroon Raman. I loved reading book with Indian background, especially Delhi alleys for its playground.The book is something that you would love and admire for its efforts and that too coming from an Indian author. (yes i am very biased to western authors and kind of do not trust Indian authors because of the kind of arrogance they keep in their language when the plot runs weak in the knees).

Having sad that i would also like to say that i would prefer to see the author coming up with books more on the line of style that he has used in shadow of throne and not following exactly what he used in treasure of kafur. Treasure of Kafur had a bit hard language with lots of hard words and somewhere, yes the language arrogance could be seen peeking but fortunately the plot of that book was way too strong to be distracted by the hard biting words.Shadow Throne on the other hand had the purest and simplest language only enhanced with the beauty of plot and narration.

According to me, it is not difficult to write using avant garde language, but it is, when you have to write something so simple and pure that could impress anybody in its first read and that was shadow throne for me.

Shadow Throne is fast paced, Dan Brown sort of thriller that will keep you on the edge and you would not even realize that you have finished it in one go…its that good, and that too coming from an Indian author (yes i m a hypocrite, who being indian,do not prefer Indian authors …so sue me for my lack of taste )