Movie Review: Man of Steel


Movie: Man of Steel

Plot : Superman Movie

Rating: 4/5


No doubt that there are a lot of movies that has been made on superman. Then if you ask why you need to see Man of steel (which is another superman movie, in case you did not get that from the name) is because of the fact that the movie is not your typical version where superman rips off his shirt and fly as superman and kicks Luther (or for that matter any villain) rear. The movie is far from hero worship but in fact is more of a realistic version as to if a man different from us had to live among us, how the society will look at him.

Man of steel is not for those adrenaline and blood hungry action movie fans in fact this is more on a serious line that tells the story of a man that is born with a difference and struggles to become normal in this crazy world

The movie is good but if you are a superhero movie fan, then this may not be according to your liking for its different style of treatment but if you treat it as any other movie then you will be able to enjoy it a bit more. The story, characters and treatment of the movie is good but when it comes to action then I would like to say that it was like watching a video game and whenever it came to physical fights I did not enjoy the computerized version because I am one of those who needs to see a punch in its full authenticity rather than computer generated fast punches as you see in those video games. Apart from that the movie has a lot of computer graphics that is impressive and the narration of the story is really good.

Is Henry Cavill impressive as superman? Not as much as he makes the superman outfit and cape look good but he portrays the emotions really nice and impressively 

Is the movie watchable? Sure it’s a fun and emotional ride if you do not treat it as another superman movie