Book Review : Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mecguire


Book: Beautiful Disaster

Author: Jamie Mcguire

Plot: Abby has a troubled family and to get away from all that she joins into Eastern University with her friend America only to end up in a whirlwind relationship with Eastern’s baddest boy Travis aka Maddox and what formulates from there is a gripping tale of the disastrous relationship between the two extremes.

Rating: 5/5


WOW Simply WOW

The book was one hell of an experience for me and I can definitely say that this book was one of the best books I have ever read and is everything that I expect from a book. Intriguing, funny and full of impact incidents that keeps you focused on the book. It rarely happens when the characters and the incidents of a book keep lingering in your mind even when you are not reading it. It has only happened with me in very few books and beautiful disaster is one of them as from the very first page Travis and his persona was addictive and haunting for me and I did not wanted to do anything except reading and completing the book.

The book is more of an emotional roller coaster and maybe that is the reason why it did not sit well with many of its readers. Because the emotions and the incidents are all on a bit harder side and it is not an easy one to cope with and that is the only reason I believe why people did not love it because otherwise the book for me was perfect in every sense. Good and captive narration, Characters raw and pure and authentic in every aspect as I can see and understand the way each one of them reacts and feel and maybe that is why I loved this book from cover to cover.

From the very first page I was hooked and addicted and maybe this is the only book in my entire reading journey where I spent each time laughing and had a wide smile on my face all the time and if that is not a good testament to how good this book is, then I don’t know what else can be. 

The book is filled with incredible amount of witty and powerful lines that will make you both weep and at times smile at the intending idiotism.

The book is high on emotional quotient and may not be for everybody but if you brave it, then this book will be one of the best experiences you will have and you will be giggling and smiling through the whole book because of its generous witty lines spread throughout

Best Quotes i liked from the book

Let me guess, it’s the love of your life?” I said quoting Travis’ statement about his motorcycle.
“No, it’s a car. The love of my life will be a women with my last name.”

“-It’s over. Go home.
-You’re my home.”

name’s Travis. Travis Maddox.”
I rolled my eyes. “I know who you are.”
“You do, huh?” Travis said, raising his wounded
“Don’t flatter yourself. It’s hard not to notice when fifty
drunks are chanting your name. “
Travis sat up a bit taller. “I get that a lot.” I rolled my
eyes again, and Travis chuckled. “Do you have a
“A what?”
“A twitch. Your eyes keep wiggling around.” He laughed
again when I glared at him. “Those are some amazing eyes
though,” he said, leaning just inches from my face.”

He continued to stare out the window. “I meant what I said before. You need to walk away, Pidge. God knows I can’t walk away from you.”