Book Review : The Treasure of Kafur



Book: The Treasure of Kafur

Author : Aroon Raman

Plot: In the core of India’s History lies the greatest mystery in form of Malik Kafur’s treasure but now somebody knows the secret of the treasure but when his grandmother is kidnapped as a leverage, he finds his biggest ally in form of India’s greatest Emperor ever, Akbar

Ratings: 4/5


Author’s hand down

First of all a huge thanks and a big hug to the author for sharing me a copy and going through the pain of personally sending me the book and was really touched by this gesture.

Coming on to the book, its not just because i got a personal copy, that i go on to say that this was one of the best books i have read and that too coming from an Indian author.I will admit that i m always a bit apprehensive about reading Indian authors because none of them take the effort in researching and going with full force on their work and this lethargy and incompleteness makes the book unworthy but in this case i was clearly impressed by the author as this book has focused on a dedicated research work that is beautifully threaded into the narration of the story.

what i like about the book is the whole plot itself that clearly shows the effect of hard work done in bringing together the research work and the storytelling skills together.The book is a historical fiction and the author has managed to bring the whole scene very vivid and authentic with description and each historic character has been etched so efficiently that in a way you learn the history as well as get more involved into the story. There is a bit mystical element sieved into the plot that clearly adds to the charm of the whole story. The whole narration of the war scenes shows the ability of the author to bring the words to life. The book has quite an impressive pace and retains your interest throughout.

what i did not like is the fact that the book made me open dictionary more frequently than expected because there are so many hard biting words that you do tend to halt and open that dictionary but apart from that the book was a fun ride

The book has a soul and the author has managed to capture it perfectly. The book is an interesting read with good narration capabilities that piques one’s interest in historical facts and i m sure once you are over with the book you will start seeing the Mughal Emperor Akbar in a new perspective.