Movie Review: Escape Plan

Movie: Escape Plan

Plot: Ray Breslin, the character played by Sylvester Stallone is the one person that can find out any possible methods required to break out even from the toughest prison in the country and this makes him the most valuable asset of the Security firm he works for but things turns out bad when he is trapped in a prison which is made from the very same methods that he has crafted to ensure no one can breakout so now he has to work against his own methods to get out.

Rating: 3.5/5

Could Have been a Lot More

The plot of the movie is no doubt one of the best but when it comes to the presentation of this wonderful idea, it lacks somewhere but I am not able to pin point where exactly.

We have to admit the fact that the movie rides on the shoulders of its two central characters that have somehow lost their charm to pull off a hard movie like this. For me the movie was good except when I had to struggle with the dialogues that were coming from Sylvester because I feel that his speech problems are getting worse with age and in fact so bad was my experience that I could even understand what Arnold was saying but not a single word coming from Sylvester. This could be my problem alone or something that everybody had to face while watching the movie. I would not be rude enough to blame it on the actor for this, but somehow lack of understanding what he was saying made me loose the core of the plot.

The dialogue delivery was one factor but even if you overlook this, there is the plot itself which starts with a fire and turns to smoke after the initial hotness and things only pick up towards the extreme end when you see the fists flowing, otherwise the movie kind of drags in between with just dialogues and no actions. I believe this would have been a great action flicks had it been incorporated with a little bit of more action and more work on to the story. You had two powerful action stars and still managed to get away with girl slaps and went on to call it an action movie (not cool man…not at all cool)

It is a onetime watch movie but do not expect much in terms of thrills and action but can watch it to see two iconic stars match it up but then there is a limit to that as well without much happening in the movie.