Book review: Our Souls to Keep by Gary Caruso

Our_Souls_to_Keep_coverBook: Our Souls to keep

Author: Gary Caruso

Genre : Paranormal

Plot: Continuing from the prelude book ” The Promised land” where a 17 year old wake ,Surrenders his soul to Satan, to safe his mother’s soul from hell’s tortures, ” Our Souls to Keep” takes us further into the life of Wake, where he has become a soul collector and finds himself in direct line of attack with Satan and his army , to protect one soul and meanwhile burning everything in his path.

Ratings: 5/5

Author’s hand down

First of all a huge thanks to the author and the shut up and read community for providing me a copy of the book to read.

I loved the book from the very start itself by which I m referring to the prelude book “The promised land” and as expected “Our Souls to keep” had maintained the goodness and expectations left by the initial book. For me the book was a winner from the very first page itself for the fact that the central character had a strong persona which usually lacks and bleeds in the hands of a female author and it is not my intention to say that female authors are bad, but, my insinuation is to the fact that most male characters lose their masculinity in the hands of a female author in my experience, as some of my favorite novels have turned into disasters as soon as the female authors decided to narrate the story from the boy’s point of view, making them weepy or ripping the very basic nature of this testosterone endowed race .

The story is nice and well narrated and is an excellent exhibit of good writing style maintained by the author, as the story had managed to keep me hooked from its start to the end. The book does not stress you with too many details and is, to the point, fast paced, keeping you interested. Another thing that impressed me about the book was its action sequences. With a good description, I found them to be the most interesting part of the book. (Maybe because I am more of a Lee Child book person)

The book has become one of my favorite for being so good with its narration and pace, and moreover for having a strong central character that is fortunately saved from all the weepy hormones, that is a usual in all the paranormal books.

Our Souls to keep is good and worth a nice reading experience

N.B : its not an essential requirement to read the first book ” The promised Land” to actually read ” Our Souls to Keep” but will help you to understand the character of Wake and a brief to his life and plus its a short and fun one while at it.