Book review: Wakefield by Erin Callahan and Troy H Gardner

16076293Book: wakefield

Authors: Erin Callahan and Troy H Gardner

Genre: Psychological/ Young Adult

Plot: The whole book is set in Wakefield mental institution where a group of people bond over their helpless in a world controlled by adults and try to cope with their lives with each other’s support but among all these lies certain mysteries

Rating : 2/5

Author’s Hand down

First of all thanks to Shut up and read community and the authors for lending me a copy to read.

The book is a mixed emotion for me as i still don’t know whether the book was good enough for me or was an awkward experience .

what i liked in the book is the fact that the authors (since its a combined effort of two authors)has maintained an easy breeze throughout the story and i would not go far as to say that it was engaging but would definitely say that it was interesting. This is a completely different genre and perhaps is not up for everybody’s taking and because i m fresh to this genre, i may have not been able to sweep in the concept fully and that is why i have the below reasons for not liking the book so

what i did not like in the book is the fact that the book goes in a straight pace and does not actually brings anything interesting until you reach the end and for me the end was the worst since it was like a building up of something interesting and suddenly everything goes poof… i m still evaluating as to what really happened

I would admit that the book till before its end goes in a smooth flow without anything major happening and then suddenly in the end it seems that everything happens in a blink of an eye and suddenly the story ends without even explaining as to what happened or perhaps i was too slow to grab on it but it was the end that did not work for me for an otherwise ok book

The book drags at a constant pace and without anything much happening and suddenly everything happens too fast and that too in a blur that you don’t even realize that the story has ended and what exactly happened.