Book Review: Breeder by Casey Hays


Book: Breeder

Author: Casey Hays

Genre: Dystopian

Plot: The earth as we know has ended as an after effect of men and their aggression ,so women have taken over the control to ensure that there would be no war in the world by categorizing the women into breeders having bestowed with the role of  giving perfectly healthy baby and men confined to being an equipment for this process. But one girl stands to defy this one way road

Rating: 4/5

Author’s Hand down

First of all Thanks to the author Casey Hays for providing me a copy to read and review and had it not been for the author, I would have definitely missed on this beautiful work.

I loved the whole work and especially the way it has been threaded to narrate a beautiful and simplistic story.

What I liked about the book is the narration style and its adherence to simplistic form without mixing it with too much of elements that would stray away from the main plot. The writing is really gripping and filled with emotional authenticity. I m amazed as to how the author has managed to take such a simple motion and cultivated it to such an extent that we are able to see the hidden dangers. It was the story plot that made me actually think that what if a dystopian world as mentioned by the author really comes into existence and what are the ways it could really alter the humanity.
I love the life that the author has invoked into the topic she has chosen for the book and it is really refreshing, simple at the same time a gripping narration. I also loved the Quotes from the bible that she had picked at the start of each chapter and those were like a prefect preview to each chapter.

The plot was something that as a female was haunting and at the same time pretty brainy and totally relate-able in my opinion. The book has a good narration and will ease your read