Book Review : The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark


Book: The Lost Years

Author : Mary Higgins Clark

Rating: 3/5

Verdict: Good for one time read

Genre: Suspense/ Thriller

Plot:  Her father is murdered and her mother has been accused of the crime and now its up to Mariah to find the truth and to clear the name of her family.

Good for a one time Read

This is my first time reading Mary Higgins Clark and must say that she has left a good impression with this one on me.

What i like about the book is definitely the writing style which is crisp, clean and very engaging and the story plot is also good but not exceptionally good as somewhere around the middle you will know where the plot is going and in fact you can even predict the real antagonist.

What i did not like is the fact that there were too many characters thrown in and with too much background information and even confusing as to who was who but i guess eventually it branches out later to the select few which actually matter in the story. The story plot could have been a little more spicier as i feel that this was a very average plot.


the book is good for a one time read and to definitely get acquainted with the world renowned thriller novelist Mary Higgins Clark