Movie Review : Now You See Me

Movie: Now You See Me

Plot : Four Street smart magicians come together to form a group called Four Horsemen who pulls off the greatest stunt in history by robbing a bank continent apart in front of a live audience and what follows is the unfolding of the reality as to whether this was a magic trick or just another smartly planned robbery.

Rating : 5/5 (loved every scene, every second of it)

Absolutely Brilliant

If you could get Goosebumps by watching a movie then I would say that “Now you see me” would be one of them. From the very first scene it started giving me an electric jolt which hardly any movie does and what is best is the fact that the movie just kept on escalating more and more and never actually dropping the flow or interest. If you haven’t seen this movie, then watch it today or rather buy yourself a DVD, perhaps the blu ray version and keep it in your all time good movies collection because it is that good.

Rarely does a movie come along that is intelligent, good timed and has a power packed performance. Each cast is a gem whether its Michael caine in a brief appearance or Morgan Freeman being good and powerful in his performance as usual or the four horsemen as they are called in the movie which includes the brilliant and talented actors like woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco. The other radiance in the movie was Mark Ruffalo. The best part of the movie is that you can’t just pick one person as the best but in fact each of them makes it so beautiful that the movie becomes an absolute magic just like the core theme of the movie.

You would not be able to take your eyes of the screen through the entire movie and when you think it is about to wrap up, something amazing happens making your hairs raise. Even the fight scene of the movie was totally wrapped in some amazing magic tricks. I wanted to see this movie for Jesse Eisenberg and his wits but turned out that the movie was much more than that.