TV Review : Sherlock Holmes


Show: Sherlock Holmes

Plot: Based on the Arthur Conan Doyle novel, the series is a modern take on sherlock holmes and his science of deduction and the taste for solving complicated cases

Channel : BBC

Status : Currently in its third season

Simply Amazing

The series is pure adrenaline rush and really gripping with stellar plots and mind blowing performances by the lead actors and the supporting casts. Benedict Cumberbatch is in his pure best while putting out the character of Sherlock and then comes the next lead character Dr. watson played by martin Freeman who is equally strong and captivating character making this show one of the best ones on TV to catch.

The shows is currently in its third season and is best than ever. Both its first and second season had three episodes and kept their audiences at the edge of their seats all through the airing and that is the reason why people were going crazy with their wait for the third season. Rumour mill is that BBC is planning on for a fourth season , while time decides the nature of that rumour, below is the list of the episodes that has been aired and about to be aired

Season 1

Episode 1: A study in Pink  (aired on july 25th 2010)

This was the first episode and sees the introduction of Sherlock and Dr. Watson who then moves in together as a flat mate while getting themselves in a very unique case about a lady found dead in mysterious circumstances

Episode 2: The Blind Banker (august 1 2010)

Sherlock along with the help of watson tries to find out the reason behind a series of murders happening around London and leaving weird signs all over the murder sites .

Episode 3: The great Game (august 8 2010)

This is the episode where we are introduced to one of the powerful and equivalent nemesis, Moriarty and what transpires between these equal heads is pretty interesting to watch. The season finale ends leaving a sherlock at gunpoint and watson with a bomb strapped to him

Season 2

Episode 1: A Scandal in Belgravia (january 1 2012)

This is where sherlock comes face to face with Irene Adler and what we get to see is pretty interesting and different as the episode portrays an emotional and vulnerable side of sherlock

Episode 2: The Hounds of Baskerville (January 8 2012)

The episode is sherlock’s attempt at figuring out the case of a Hound terrorizing a small village while some enthusiasts claiming it to be a mutant species developed by the Army. Sherlock sets to find out the truth behind all these.

Episode 3:The Reichenbach Fall (January 15 2012)

The season finale shows the clash between Morarity and Sherlock and what leads to a very powerful ending for the season

Mini Episode: Many Happy Returns (December 24th 2012)

This was a seven minute clip as to what can be expected in season 3

Season 3:

Episode 1: The Empty Hearse (January 1 2014)

The episode is an after effect of what transpired in the second season finale. Sherlock returns for another explosive episode

Watch out for

Episode 2: The sign of three (January 5 2014)

Episode 3: His Last vow (January 12 2014)