Book Review : Blood Fever by Karen Marie Moning

Book Name: Blood Fever (Fever #2)

Author : Karen Marie Moning

Genre: Paranormal/fantasy

Verdict : 3/5

 There , but not there yet , sort of Book.. 

Its like what is being said in the book that nothing in the world is black or white its grey and the book is just like that to me. Its not good nor bad but something in between.The story plot still continues with Mac trying to come into terms with the new found world of Fae and trying to understand the undercurrents of her sister’s death and trying to cope with the strong urge to avenge her sister’s death. The book has a good plot and takes us into the less explores fantasy world of Fae which is why i guess that this series saw its sudden popularity for bringing in a fresh new world for fantasy lovers.

What i liked about the book is the plot itself that kept itself interesting with twists and turns and sudden detours and with some really sharp and witty lines from one of the best characters in the book, Jericho Barrons.

What i hated about the book is the female character MacKayla Lane who at times pissed me so bad that i wanted to beat and gag her till she became blue and better enough to forget about pink dress, nail paint or anything to do with pink at all and come to senses enough to get her act straight. I really couldn’t understand or relate with the character who kept revolving everything around pink and dresses and make ups. Apart from the character what else irked me about this book is the fact that the author kept drifting from the point a lot. Its like the character is in an extremely dangerous situation and the thought process from the seriousness of the scene to pink polka bikini or pink sharpie. This little slips makes you want to smash your head into the nearest possible wall and then suddenly something happens that acts just like you been hit with an electric current.
There is too much of thought process going on with Mac but less in action and this is not a good think to be in an otherwise nice novel

The book for me was a love-hate one. One moment i am into the world of fae getting psyched about everything that is happening and the next thing you know that the character or the author is bringing in too much though process taking you away from the main incident.

If you liked the first book, then you may continue with this one to know what else happens with Mac and especially for the chemistry with Barrons and Mac but if you are reading it without going for the first book, then you would be left confused and wondering what exactly is happening

The book has a lot of good stuff but to get to it you have to go through the bad ones first.Image