Movie Review : Beastly

Movie: Beastly

Plot: Based on the Book by Alex Flinn, The movie is a modern take on the classic ” Beauty and the beast”

Rating: 3/5

The movie is sweet and fun but there are place where the whole movie lacks a bit of colour.

First of all i would admit that the movie has become one of my favourites in spite of its shortcomings. The movie suffers in its portrayal of central characters and doesn’t match with what they have sketched in the book on which the whole movie is based on. Alex Pettyfer doesn’t really pull of that snobby character that Kyle Kingsbury stands for in the book and in fact from the start itself you feel that the guy is trying too hard to become a self centred character and then vanessa hudgens is another disappointment as her character is supposed to be this meek, shy and compassionate one and on contrary in the movie, vanessa comes across as too strong and sometimes out of character and annoying with weird nasal dialogue delivery. But don’t let that ruin the movie for you because  the movie will entertain you no matter. Its sweet, fun, light and family kind of movie. Watch out for Neil patrick harris aka barney stnson from how i met your mother being at his witty best.

Good for a quick escape