Movie Review :The Mortal Instruments : City Of Bones

Movie: The Mortal Instruments : City Of Bones

Plot: Based on the Book by Cassandra clare, The movie tells the tale of Clary whose mother goes missing and is eventually dragged into the world of shadow hunters and uses their help to find her mother.

Rating: 4/5 (because I m partial for this being my favourite otherwise it lies somewhere between 2/3)

No matter what people say, i go for the movie rather than the book. Those who have read the book will surely point out that the movie runs in a completely different track than to what it is in the book but for me that is what makes the movie much more effective and good and more narrative.

For those who have not read the book, the story line could be a little hazy and confusing with everything thrown into it from vampires, werewolves, monsters and creatures and the movie even though tries hard to explain but the time constraints make it a bit hard for those who are watching it for the first time but nevertheless the pace and the action sequences and the in between wits actually makes for it to be a good watch

I hate to admit but jamie campbell as jayce wayland is less impressive but after watching it for the 100th time, he seemed to be growing on me .

Verdict : Its good for a one time watch with good fight scenes and visual effects and at least its way more fun than book (not that the book is bad or less fun but movie sort of enhanced the best of book)