Movie Review :The Internship

Movie: The Internship

Plot : Middle aged owen wilson and vince vaughn , after loosing their jobs try to cut it out among teens to get a job at Google and what follows is a comical narration of generation and technology gap

Rating: 4/5

First of all i have to mention that my passion for movies has somewhat diminished all thanks to new found love for books. But Nevertheless I would share my thoughts on the movies that I am able to catch in between

The Internship is one of those sweet disney sort of movie that leaves a good note on its viewer however having said that , i would also mention that it could be a little too good for some with the same predictable plot but if you watch it for the fun that is this movie, then Internship is a perfect weekend getaway with a good many laughs.

I enjoyed the movie in spite of the cliché scenes and predictable and goofy scenes . But what i liked most in the movie is not the humour of the leading stars but instead what I loved and enjoyed more from the movie was Dylan o’ brien (stiles form teen wolf series ) who yet again has managed to impress and charm me with his witty character. Loved the guy in the movie.