Book: Assassin’s Creed #1: Renaissance


Assassin’s Creed is perhaps the most played game and as well as the most popular one so definitely for a non- gamer like me the curiosity of all the addiction behind this series led me to pick up the book which is first in the series and now i understand why i never heard assassin’s creed being out there in form of book before. The book clearly is like a game manual with lots of lengthy scenes and levels and actions going on that barely hung by a thread. If you that perhaps its because that i don’t read action genre much and that why i couldn’t appreciate it, then let me clarify that my favourite author and book remains lee child and the jack reacher series which is nothing but good action written in nice and enjoyable format.

The problem with Assassin’s creed is that the story was over in the first five pages and the rest 500 to 600 pages is pure action catalog. How you throw in a punch and how trouble can be invited without even having to do it. It seems like in the process of taking vengeance (which forms the main plot) he keeps fighting everybody else’s fight.

It becomes tedious to actually complete the book after a while. The interesting occurrence was the portrayal of Leonardo Da vinci as a diligent wing-man (too ambitious) and the ending that goes into different directions from a revenge to treasure hunt to supernatural all collapsing over each other