Book : Angel Fall by Susan Ee

The book from its first page itself gave me a feeling that this would definitely be a prized possession in my collection and that’s why I stopped after second chapter on a friend’s lend down copy of Angelfall to wait for two weeks until my personal copy came in. If you have been a fan of twilight then this one is for you. The book explores the forbidden love syndrome but wait if you are expecting the boy and girl to be embraced in each other’s arms quoting love poems, then no you are looking in the wrong place.

Angel Fall grabbed my attention with two beautiful characters Penyrn and Raffe that is strong with their individual character and actually has a purpose for being in the story rather than created by the author to plot out an obvious love story. Penyrn has her own reasons and ambitions  rather than following a puppy love and same goes for Raffe and that’s the main reason why I loved the book and ofcourse the narration style forms the other major reason for liking this book.

The love story is not even there out in full gaudiness but as an undercurrent to the whole story. It’s very subtle and doesn’t even come up till the book actually ends…. (Oh yeah…it’s that good). No extra unnecessary characters and the ones present are actually well placed.

Favorite quote:  “who will guard against the guardians”

(this apparently can also be used to describe the basic plot of Angel Fall)



ABSOLUTELY YES!!! Pure joy of light reading and quoting the book….

“Truth is that we’re all just stumbling around in the dark. Sometimes we hit something GOOD “