Book : INFERNO by Dan Brown

Dan Brown has yet again proved why he is my favorite author.  I have very diligently waited for Inferno ever since i finished up the last page of “The Lost Symbol”. Inferno like other sets of his works is set in a beautiful background of Europe with an interesting central plot and in this case the core subject runs into two deep concepts one Inferno which is a part of Dante’s masterpiece, The Divine Comedy and other being the cancerous disease that shadows our world, Over population. Don’t worry my spoiler extends till here only.

The novel has gone into mixed reviews one sections glorifies it and other drags it down saying that Dan Brown has left the creative building. I, on my part would say that i still like his genre for the facts that his novels are always threaded with facts along with the strong run of fiction.

Any body who goes for a Dan Brown novel, goes for the above said reason and maybe it could also be the reason that it is seeking some negative reviews as this novel does stock up on a lot of information that at times is too much to handle and makes it difficult to keep the track of the original story but having said that i will say that it definitely does not contribute to hating this novel

i loved it and enjoyed it and would say that anybody who is a Dan Brown fan would also appreciate it but then if you ask me whether it is in the same standard “Da Vinci Code” then i may have to say that NO it has come down from the Da Vinci milestone but if you will read Inferno as a independent novel, then you find it amusing

I loved the starting quote itself

Deepest part of Hell are reserved for those who maintain neutrality in times of moral crisis