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15 thoughts on “Home

    1. Did you hear that people… i got nominated … (so you better check out my blog now…. PLEASE ;( i will give you candy )!!

      if you want to visit a blog that has cuteness overload and can cheer up your mood instantaneously then HusbandAndHusband is the perfect blog for you http://husbandandhusband.net/

      Warning: The site may give you happy tears..

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  1. Awhhh.. That was really sweet… !! But seriously your blog is a threat to every other blog..its that good and nobody can come out without a smile after been to your blog… Trust me I know out of experience

    Wait !!!

    Why do I feel like I am digging my own grave by praising your blog more than mine and that too on my home page… Oh lord !!

    People my blog is good…come visit… I have candies here ..

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    1. Hey look the MIA blogger is back… Lol 😉
      Do you really like the new look ?
      Was kind of getting bored with the old layout and was feeling very artisty suddenly…hence the makeover 🙂

      By the way you do realise that I am looking forward to reviews on your blog …right ??
      No one unleashes a whip quite like you 😉

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      1. Hee hee…Yes I do indeed. Can’t wait for the next time when you get artisty again 😀 😀
        ‘Unleashes a whip’ (*blush*) Such kind words. But hey I am not needed because we have you, striking terrors in the hearts of unsuspecting not-so-good-authors now ;p

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  2. Excellent blog. I loved the book reviews. It will be great if you could review my book and of course publish it only if your like the book which I am confident you will. Could you please let me know the process for the same.

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    1. Thank you so much for appreciating my blog
      and yes i would love to read your book. There is no procedure 🙂
      Would you be able to please mail an ecopy of the book, if its is available? and i will be happy to send in the review 🙂
      my mail id is merrilanil@gmail.com


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